Cooking With Sesame Oil Vs Olive Oil

Easy and tasty sesame oil recipes. As well it has richer and more specific taste.

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This also means you rarely cook with just sesame oil unlike you do with coconut oil or olive oil.

Cooking with sesame oil vs olive oil. Sesame oil is hailed highly for not only adding flavor to most chinese korean and southeast asian cuisines but for also being a healthy choice among most cooking oils. Sesame oil is made from either raw or toasted sesame seeds which grow on the sesame plant. Sesame oil can be refined but it s generally not to preserve its nutty sesame flavor.

Sesame seeds contain about 44 to 60 percent oil which can be extracted by expeller pressing or chemical solvents. This traditional oil has such incredible health benefits that its popularity is not surprising at all. Sesame oil is also perfect if you re cutting down on salt.

On the contrary sesame seed oil can be used for more cooking purposes such as stir fry salad dressings and dip ingredient. Olive oil has a low smoke point and is normally not used for frying. When expeller pressed at cooler temperatures oil is considered cold pressed this is the highest quality of sesame oil.

Every oil has a smoke point the temperature at which it burns. Since unrefined sesame oil has a smoke point of 350 degrees f and extra virgin olive oil smokes at 406 degrees f these oils can be used in cooking but they may burn if you are using a high heat cooking method such as pan searing. Although there are some chinese dishes that use toasted sesame oil to fry the ingredients such as three cup chicken it is not recommended for high heat cooking.

Besides extra virgin olive oil there are other oils to avoid due to their low smoke points. Sesame oil and olive oil each have about the same number of calories 120 per tablespoon and they are both loaded with healthy fats. But they do have different flavor profiles which can change the outcome of your entree.

Sesame oil has an earthy nutty flavor while olive oil is somewhat buttery. Be very careful when you heat up sesame oil in a wok. Please don t go by the look of the seed size for this oil packs a punch when it comes to health benefits.

Most common usage for olive oil in cooking is salad dressing due to its pleasant light taste. Olive oil is made from ripe olives which grow on the olive tree. From antioxidants to vitamins and unsaturated fats sesame oil has it all.

Origin olive oil is widely used today but it originated in places in europe such as greece and italy. Sesame oil is also widely used but mainly with asian or oriental dishes. Unrefined sesame oil has a smoke point of 350 degrees f while high quality extra virgin olive oil can withstand heat up to 405 degrees.

Instead sesame oil offers a way to add in extra flavor and to make your meal taste much more interesting. As the name implies sesame oil comes from sesame seeds which are nutrient rich and popular in alternative medicine. Both sesame oil and olive oil are suitable for cooking.

Sesame oil has a very low smoke point for instance.

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