Don T Starve Together Healing Recipes

Easiest heals to make that i can think of are fishsticks. When eaten raw onion restores 9 5 hunger at the cost of 10 sanity.

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Don t starve together healing recipes. So this guide is a list of all the crock pot dishes organized into what is most and least effective. There are 58 recipes available for the crock pot including those from don t starve together the dlc. The pot starts cooking the food groups the ingredients fit into are considered.

1 fish 1 stick 2 monster meat 40 health a pop and a fishing rod has 9 uses which is effectively 360 health. It requires 1 spider gland 2 ashes and 1 rocks to craft. Don t starve guide easy healing methods tutorial recipes don t starve video recipes don t starve i ve got the cure all for those battle scars.

You just need a banana a twig some ice and a convenient non meat filler make that another twig or banana as the crock pot always needs to contain four items to work. Https goo gl wuscga rog crock pot guide. Healing salve is a healing item that recovers 20 health.

If an attempt fails to match any recipe at all wet goop ends up being the product. Onions can be farmed with a 2 6 to appear from normal seeds or directly planted using onion seeds. Don t starve will just put its fingers in its ears and sing lalalalalala i can t hear you this final recipe was added with the shipwrecked dlc and is super simple to craft.

There are many crock pot dishes in this game that do not serve a very good purpose as they give less hunger than all of the ingredients separately. Honey poultice is a tier 3 healing item and heals 30 health. The following is a guide to all of the crock pot dishes.

Https goo gl gnzv1h sw crock pot guide. Wolfgang has 200 health by default his health limit rises to 300 with a full belly and drops to 150 when starving. Wilba s werepig form has 350 health.

Healing salve may be easier to craft than honey poultice depending on one s resources as the recipe for the honey poultice require reeds which are only found in the marsh biome. The onion is a vegetable food item in don t starve together. If i want some heals that last longer i mass produce pierogi from cacti monster meat monstermeat turned into eggs ice.

When a recipe is attempted i e. 1 calculation 2 hunger point dishes 2 1 mandrake soup 2 2 dragon pie 2 3 meaty stew 2 4. It is a tier 2 healing item.

Feeding an onion to a bird in a birdcage will produce 1 2 onion seeds as well as a 50 chance to get a plain seeds. Wx 78 begins with 100 health 150 in don t starve together dst and is capable of increasing their health cap up to 400 by eating gears. Recipes don t starve.

I ve got the cure all for those battle scars. Sep 14 2018 4 45pm.

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