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Use them to find out the hidden recipes in self develop cooking step by step. Dragon raja self develop cooking 14.

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List of dragon raja.

Dragon raja self develop recipes. Take the ingredients from drink cabinet mix 2 ice cube blend 1 ice cube complete mini game appraise. Get all of your ingredients from the fridge and chop them upsteam your chopped ingrendients then add both of the seasoning items. Appraise food at the end of the table with the plate.

Steam ingredients in the pot on the stove in the middle of the kitchen. An easy way to get recipes go find some boseeoks in tokyo tower. Take the ingredients from the refrigerator stir 1 pepper powder table salt bake 2 tomato sauce complete mini game appraise.

Fry ingredients on the pan on the stove. To learn them 100 it is necessary that players get specific ingredients seasoning and cooking steps. Here is the recipe to make tomato and mushroom soup.

2 table salt1 chicken essence. 2 mushrooms 2 tomotoes 1 carrot. Teriyaki chicken recipe please subscribe here.

Mix blend ingredients near the machine on the opposite side of the microwave oven. Bake ingredients in the microwave oven. On the tables they are almost everywhere.

Read the recipe and will find hint.

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