Graveyard Keeper Alchemy Recipes Tier 2

This game unfortunately is loaded with unfinished dumb. I guess i have to rebuild my alchemy workbech tier 1 just to make energy elixirs.

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The alchemy workbench tier ii combines three ingredients.

Graveyard keeper alchemy recipes tier 2. I m sure the gold gives you more but i haven t bothered to craft one. Graveyard keeper recipes oven ii. Nov 14 2018 6 34pm.

1 raw sliced meat and also 10 fuel. And i don t see a problem with that or devs could add an useless solution i think this is dumb to add to each 2 ingredients recipes. The alchemy workbench tier ii is one of the most difficult work stations in the game to build and allows you to combine three ingredients usually one powder one solution and one extract into a final product.

1 red fish fillet 2 onion and also 20 fuel. 1 red fish fillet 5 edible mushroom and also 20 fuel. Acid 1x toxic powder 1x chaos solution 1x toxic extract.

All they need to do to fix this is to add a tab in the alchemy workbench tier ii for two ingredient crafting. It is a 2d indie simulation rpg game where players need to repair upgrade and manage an old medieval graveyard. Though some more advanced alchemical ingredients can be used in multiple categories.

1 pumpkin and also 10 fuel. Graveyard keeper general discussions topic details. At this point i m not even surprised.

Appetite potion 1x health powder 1x toxic solution 1x acceleration extract. It s not very hard to craft a silver quality prayer for prosperity and it yields 2 of said blessings. Nov 14 2018 4 33pm zombie juice recipe on tier 2 table.

Alkali 1x life powder 1x death solution 1x blood. The gold elixir is a bit expensive to brew and will require the tier ii alchemy workbench. Powder solution and extract with the possibility to replace the solution or the extract by additional ingredients like alcohol or oil.

5 freshener freshener is another easy alchemy recipe that can really help you out throughout the game. There are significantly more possible combinations with an added ingredient and thus more particular applications. Failed reactions create 2x goo.

You can t craft a 2 ingredient alchemy recipe on the tier 2 alchemy bench since it has 3 available inputs. It takes 3 of those items to go from 0 to full on a given tier but 2 can be enough if you have partial progress from normal trading. Or do i need to craft another tier 1 because that would be a waste showing 1 2 of 2 comments.

1 red fish fillet 2 pumpkin and also 25 fuel. To create the gold elixir you will need to combine gold powder toxic solution and chaos extract or gold powder order solution and health extract. Alchemy is not intuitive enough imo for the player to understand on their own.

Aromatizer 1x acceleration powder 1x alcohol 1x life extract. Graveyard keeper all blueprints recipes for alchemy by hikari in games pc xbox 20 08 2018 publisher tinybuild and developer lazy bear games have released their new game titled graveyard keeper.

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