My Time At Portia Dog Food Recipe

These materials and stations break down as follows. One dog food is used over the course of the a new friend mission.

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That ingredient can be put into the cooking set by left clicking on it.

My time at portia dog food recipe. The materials required when crafting dog food are made up of smaller parts that must be processed using additional crafting stations. To cook the player needs to place the ingredients on the hotbar and select one of them. Recipe books are items obtained in the game that when used in the inventory teaches the player a new crafting recipe.

A new friend is a main mission that allows the player to meet scraps the dog. The following recipe books are available in the game. It is also used during the mission to unlock scraps.

Dog food can be. The mushroom version. All required crafting stations.

A time bar lasting around 15 in game minutes will appear over the top of the pot and the player must add every other ingredient to the set before the time runs out. Once learned the recipes can be found by interacting with the worktable. To make this recipe you simply need to collect two meat from the local monsters.

Dog food is a gift. 4 pieces of meat 2 flours 1 salt. Here s what you ll need to make dog food in my time at portia.

Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 1 obtaining 2 usage 2 1 mission 2 2 gift 2 3 recycle 3 trivia dog food can be crafted using a blender. Eating the food will give you an instant 60 points of health and can be strangely given to qq for 12 friendship points.

If the player adopts scraps it is not necessary to feed him dog food or any other food though he appreciates most food items as gifts. The following crafting station and materials are required when crafting dog food. 1 overview 1 1 required stations 2 conduct of the mission 2 1 ask around 2 2 find the dog 2 3 talk to polly 2 4 feed scraps 2 5 talk to polly 3 post conduct 4 rewards the player must have completed hazardous ruins in order to access the collapsed wasteland.

Unlike some other recipes though this is one of the best ways to top off your health while battling. The player must have the following to complete this mission. None expanded required materials.

Dog food is a crafting component created in the workshop. 1 fruit apple or apricot or pumpkin or cactus fruit 1 mushroom red mushroom or shaggy mane salty stew mix.

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