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Paneer spinach stuffed roti if your repertoire of indian cooking is restricted to butter chicken this stuffed roti recipe is definitely worth a try. Most of the recipes i found for the plant say to treat new zealand spinach as if it is regular spinach so i decided to make a simple pasta dish with the first roma tomatoes from the garden mushrooms onion and garlic.

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Stuffed with paneer cheese spinach and spiced potatoes this will be a favourite with vegetarians and omnivores alike.

Recipe new zealand spinach. Butter 10oz fresh nz spinach leaves roughly chopped. Preheat the oven 200 degrees circulating. Add the soya cream and vegetable stock as well as lemon peel nutmeg salt and pepper to the pan cook it for 1 more.

New zealand spinach green smoothie 2 cups almond milk or other plant based milk 1 2 pound blueberries 1 4 cup hemp flax seeds 1 4 cup sesame seeds great source of iron huge handful of new zealand spinach 2 oranges peeled dates or honey for sweetness if needed. Olive oil 1 tbsp. Wash the new zealand spinach with cold water and stir 3 minutes it in a heated pan together with the champignons and the.

Linguine with new zealand spinach 2 tbsp.

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